Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 14th-20th ( Tour de Fat & Other Stuff)

On Saturday the 14th we headed downtown to see the bicycles and performances at the Tour de Fat Festival. Here's a little bit of what we saw...

We also had the pleasure of seeing this man. He made
a bologna sandwich using
only his feet. It was very
impressive. He picked
a woman from the
audience to eat the sandwich
after he had finish making it.
I really wanted to
be the one to eat the
sandwich, but Dallas thought
it was a bad idea :)
And just in case you were
wondering, that is a pickle
between his toes.

We left the Tour de Fat and headed down to a
warehouse where Dallas played some
music for a biker rally.

Next we went down to the Rogue Ale Public House to have drinks. One of my favorite things about Portland is all the local breweries and especially the samplers of beer they have at the restaurants. Yum Yum Yum....

A few days later we headed up to Pittock Mansion to take some photos since it was a clear day. You can see Mt. Hood from the top. I got a few good ones of Mt. Hood which I'll post later. But for now here is a photo of Pittock Mansion and a view of the downtown.....

We had lunch at this cool place that we've been seeing for the past few weeks, but hadn't really had a chance to try. They made delicious tacos and the place had a really nice atmosphere.....

On Friday night Evelyn and I played with some glow sticks. First we lined them up in a rainbow and then Evelyn made a smiley face and some other shapes while I took some photos. It was pretty fun. I really love the second from last photo. Night photos are so fun!

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