Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween, Landry's & 5x5

First off, let's talk about Halloween!! This year Dallas went as Fidel Castro and I went as Che Guevara. We had a great time! Many people stopped to talk to us and ask us questions. I also got to have a fake beard which was pretty fun :) Best Halloween costumes ever! Viva la Revolution!!

On Friday, November 6th, Dallas played a show at Landry's in Fort Smith with R.J. Mischo. It was a great time. The band sounded wonderful and Dallas had an excellent time. Also, my mom, grandma and grandpa got to come see Dallas play. Everybody really enjoyed the music and also the great food!

Last, but not least. This year Dallas and I participated in the 5x5 competition at The Arts Center of the Ozarks. This year we each donated two pieces. I did photographs and Dallas made some "modern" paintings. The pieces for the show are all donated and then sold off in an auction type style to help raise money for the Arts Center. As you can see by Dallas' photo he gets really excited about modern art :)

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